Electrically Driven Double-Door Sliding Plug Door

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Electrically Driven Double-Door Sliding Plug Door:

Product Description

Electrically driven plug sliding door means that the door can be plugged and pulled at the time of closing and opening. That is, the door is plugged into door from inside or outside to close tightly when closing; and it can slide along the inside or outside of carriage after the door move away a certain distance from the doorway when opening. The door is divided into inside and outside type. The outside type is applied to Huaian Tram.

The system of plug sliding door has advantages as follows:

1) The train will have a smooth, beautiful and harmonic appearance and suffer from small air resistance and not cause noise by generating air eddy because that the outer surface of door is at the same level with side wall of carriage when the door is in closure.

2) The good sealing performance will have an excellent shielding effect on the noise into the passenger compartment meanwhile reduce the energy consumption of air conditioner in the compartment;

3) Application of plug sliding door  could extend the effective width of compartment to increase the passenger capacity.

In Huaian project, 10 sets of double plug sliding door s are arranged for each tram and 5 for each side


Main Functions:

Main Function

1. Driver Centralized Door Opening&Closing Function (left/side/two sides):

The side door can be opened only after the tram is stopped well.

All opened door will be closed immediately when the driver actives the Button Closing. The closing force is not more than 150 N, and the opening/closing time is 3±0.5S. The maximum closing force is limited to 200 N and the opening to 300 N.

2. Single-door Troubleshooting Function (Isolation)

Operate through the hole 7×7 at the top of the door (turn the key with an angle of 90°). There is no influence to the opening and closing of other doors after trouble shooting.

3. Obstacle Detection Function (Anti-pitching Function)

The door has the obstacle detection function and the detectable minimum obstacle is 30 mm×60 mm. The obstacle can be drawn out with the force ≤150 N when the size of aluminum sheet clipping the obstacle is 10 mm×50 mm.

The maximum closing force (200 N) can maintain 0.5 s when the door is blocked in closing, after the train gives Closing Command following the stop. The door is opened 200 mm again (adjustable width) and re-closed after delaying a certain time, and other closed doors do not require to be opened again.

All the doors should be opened in case that the re-opened door can not be closed for three times.

4. Inside Emergency Unlocking Function

The emergency unlocking device is arranged in all side doors of passenger compartment. The emergency unlock handle has self-positioning function. The indicator of safety circuits on driver panel should be illuminated after the door is unlocked, and the unlocking state will be shown in the screen.

The maximum torque necessary for operation of emergency unlocking device is limited within 6N·m. Once the device is operated, the lateral movement of opening is 150 N at the beginning. And the force can not be over 75 N(single page of door) during the movement when the opening speed reaches 5 cm/s.

5. Door State LED (yellow and orange) and Door Closing Audible Indication

The audible single will be send at the time of closing the door,

Yellow: illuminated for opening, unilluminated for closing, flashing for the process of closing and opening.

Orange: illuminated only when the door is isolated and unilluminated in other cases.

6. Failure Indication, Storage and Diagnostic Functions

The door controller is provided with diagnostic system and send the failure information to the train control system. And the system will show the appropriate failure information in the driver panel whether the door is normal or not. Meanwhile, the controller is equipped with closing/opening button for operating the single door electrically. Furthermore, a USB port is arranged for input and adjustment of procedure.

7. Zero Speed Protection Function

The door is allowed to be opened only in stationary state.

All doors are closed automatically when the zero speed signal of the train losses when the doors are opened. And the closed doors are not allowed to be opened even if operation of emergency device (keep 5 min).

8. Electric Opening/Closing Function at Passenger Compartment near the Driver Cab (Button at inside and electric key at outside)

The driver can electrically open the door of passenger compartment near the diver cab at outside to get in(Door 1 and Door 10). The electric key switch with protection cover is arranged at outside of the door of passenger compartment near the driver cab. The diver can open the door electrically at outside by this switch.

9. External Mechanical Emergency Unlocking Function of Door (Door 1 and Door 10) of Passenger Compartment near the Driver Cab

The square hole key 7×7 is arranged at the left door leaf of passenger compartment’s door (Door 1 and Door 10) near the driver cab. And the driver can open the door by this key in case the failure of electrical system.

Huimin Plug Sliding Door Invention and Patent:


Application Type


Patent Number



one type of plug sliding door used for passenger vehicle




one type of plug sliding door with electric sliding pneumatic plug



Utility Model

one type of plug sliding door with electric sliding pneumatic plug




plug sliding door with ball screw rod



Utility Model

plug sliding door with ball screw rod



Utility Model

plug sliding door new type transfer mechanism




plug sliding door new type transfer mechanism



Utility Model

plug sliding door with ball screw rod




one type of electric plug sliding door and one type of emergency mechanism to open plug sliding door



Utility Model

one new type of plug sliding door bearing mechanism




one new type of plug sliding door bearing mechanism



Custom-made structure:


Company Information


  Jiangsu Huimin Automobile Accessories Manufacturing Co; Ltd. is the national high-tech enterprise and also private technology enterprise in Jiangsu, the registered capital asset is 80 million Yuan, and it covers an area of 164,000 square meters while its workshop occupies 41,000 square meters. There are 626 staffs of which are 21 senior engineers. In 2012 our sale turnover is around 270 million Yuan.

Our company has passed ISO19649:2009 quality system. We obtains 35 patents in the double in-swing door mechanism, single in-swing door mechanism, new passenger vehicle door panel, door panel connection mechanism, the electromagnetic retarder and BRT Platform screen door.

Company Certificate Standard:


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